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Legal Documents


Legal Documents to assure a flawless processing of your Nepal experience

It is Nature Hike Nepal’s promise to assure our customers that they are in safe hands with us. With this intention we legally registered our company with the Nepal Government. To our clients and customers, this is a fairly urgent request. Please carefully go through the legal documents of any company before confirming any sort of deal with them.

Especially in the online business these sorts of sorcery is widespread in Nepal these days. A growing number of trekking and travel companies runs without a legit license. Consequentially skipping tax became a trend. It absolutely has to be made sure that these companies are legally registered with the Nepal Government. Besides from that also take note of the Logos. Only when websites use logos, a company is legit and certified. Before starting business every company has to disclose their credentials. This is important to us because a huge number of unauthorised trekking companies trick unfortunate travellers unknowingly, who fell for attractive offers and facilities.

Most important the sole purpose of this awareness text from us is for your own greater good. That our valued clients and customers do not fall for cheap rates and funny looking packages that put at risk their own security upon their arrival in Nepal. Unauthorised agencies are clever and tactical. So in order to make sure you are away from such misfortunes, please take into consideration the following points before confirming your trip with any travel or trekking company.

If you have any questions regarding our legal documents and registration please feel free to ask us!

Our legal documents follow:

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