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About Us


Traditional Nepalese Girl, Namaste!Welcome to Nature Hike Nepal !


Who are we?

Nature Hike Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is a Nepal based top trekking company run by an innovative team of skilled professionals with years of real-time experience.

When our team of Nepal climbing guides built up this company in July 2016 we had the idea of showing our customers from all over the world the Nepal best trekking routes and packages. We are your counterpart for any questions you have regarding your expedition to Nepal, India, Tibet or Bhutan. Additional we are committed in giving our customers a deeper understanding in Nepalese culture and history.

Furthermore we are not only a local trekking company we also advocate for volunteering services as teaching English to local Nepalese children, volunteering in orphanages and cultural exchange programs.

We offer various packages of complete service Nepal trekking tours no matter if you are a beginner or advanced trekker. In general our service includes hiking, trekking, peak climbing, expeditions, vehicle hiring, accommodation, visit visa, travel insurance, flights and porters if desired. With great diligence outlined travel programs, our substantial network comprising of multitudinous hotels, flight carriers, tourism boards and government institutions plays major rule in preparing hassle free holidays and trips for you.

Upon your request we can advise numerous special activities. On the one hand we offer dynamic adventure sports activities like rafting, canoeing, bungee jumping, paragliding, ultra lightflight, and mountain biking. On the other hand we have recreational activities like village tours, bird watching, spiritual tours arrangements for yoga and meditation classes and golfing.

In short we focus in creating an individual and unique Nepal experience for you!


Why choose us?

advantageSafety guaranty: 

Safety is our first basic condition for our tours. As a result to assure this all trekking tours are guided by local experts who know everything about the features of the particular regions. Our experienced guides provide complete support throughout your travel, ensuring your security and ultimate satisfaction. Of course even in state of emergency that requires helicopter rescuing and hospitalisation, our guides are efficiently trained and skilled. All tour guides know about providing first aid and hold first aid kits ready consistently.


advantageExpert team/local guides:

The advantages of our local professionals are not only that they are able to prevent accidents because of their expertise and are trained in how to act in case of emergency. They also know all distinctive detail about the special regions. You can learn much about the region of your trekking location, the culture and the history you will never find in any travel guide or map. Furthermore our guides want to share their passion and conviction of Nepal to create a sustainable experience to you. All guides are fluent English language.



We are a recognised trekking agency by the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. Our company is a registered company affiliated with various tourism organisations. We are an active member of TAAN. Especially in online business there exists a number of trekking and travel companies that run without a legit license. As a result skipping tax has become a trend. This is important to us because a huge number of unauthorised trekking companies trick unfortunate travellers unknowingly, who fell for attractive offers and facilities. All companies have to legally register with the Nepal Government.


advantageFair Prices:

The balance of quality and price of tours is our key to keep our customer satisfaction on a high level. The costs might represent domestic and international airline tickets, bus/train tickets, accommodation, vehicle hiring, tour guides, trekking guides and in porters as well as equipment required. Any other costs that are uncovered will be transparent before any decisions are made. Your travel budget solely determines the accommodation options you prefer from us.



We also provide attractive discounts for students, families, groups, loyal customers and recommendation.


advantageResponsible Eco-friendly Company:

Nature Hike always ensures that we are sensitive to local ecology and culture. In effect we have environmental friendly staffs to take care of local people and minimise negative impacts in the society. It is important to us to support sustainable and ethical tourism. On Nature Hike Nepal’s point of view tourism is about respecting and benefiting local people and the environment. Furthermore it is about bringing you closer to local cultures and environments by involving local people in tourism.


advantage24 h/day availability:

If you have any questions regarding prerequisites for trekking, Nepal climbing seasons, or anything else just mail or call us and we will answer individually as fast as possible. We are available 24/7 to send itineraries that correspond to your customised interest!

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Our Mission

It is our mission to enchant travellers from all over the world with an unforgettable Nepal travel experience with top customer satisfaction. We aim to provide a higher quality of travel services than has ever been available to travellers in Nepal!

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Furthermore we are proud of our great recommendation rate of our past clients with Nature Hike Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Our personal recipe for customer satisfaction consists of enthusiasm, specialist know-how and a smile that comes from the heart, supplemented with a real passion for our country Nepal, making people happy and fulfilling the promise that we make with our service.

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Also important to realise, we are a recognised trekking agency by the Government of Nepal and the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. We are a registered trekking company affiliated with various tourism organisations. Moreover we are an active member of TAAN.

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